DePauw University - Women's Soccer

Session Information

Virtual Tour and Admissions Q & A

Grab some popcorn and sit back for a virtual tour of the amazing DePauw University Campus.  Admissions Counselor/Assistant Coach Lauren Jay and Admissions Tiger Ambassador/Junior Forward Abbie Morris will take you on a great tour filled with info of campus.  LJ as we all call her will also answer your questions about the admissions process or campus!  Come prepared with any questions. 


Student Athlete Panel

Current DePauw Women’s Soccer players from each grade will join in on this session.  They will give insight to their experiences in the world of D3 athletics and will answer any questions you might have.  Be prepared with any questions so you can really pick their brains and get all the information you might want on being a collegiate student athlete.


Zoom Soccer Workout

Come prepared with a ball, proper footwear for the surface you will workout on, water and 5-10 cones (or items similar - socks, paper plates, hats, shoes, etc). Coach Allen will take you through a warm-up, technical drills and cool down.  Current DePauw Women’s Soccer players will be demonstrating all parts of the workout. 


The Virtual Leadership Experience with Molly Grisham

Molly has over 20 years of experience coaching soccer at all levels from club to collegiate.  She is a wonderful facilitator in building teams and developing leaders. The Depauw Women’s Soccer team is one of her many athletics programs that utilizes her amazing skills every season. Check out more information on Molly at

In this session Molly will change up her delivery a bit to take you through some leadership exercises.  It will inspire you and set you in motion to work on being a better person and leader for your current and future teams and in life.


Fear of Failure in Sports - Sports Psychology Presentation with Dr. Kathleen Mellano

Dr. Kathleen Mellano 

In this session Dr. Mellano will talk about why we have a fear of failing and how we can combat the stress, anxiety and fatigue that fear will induce specifically in the athletic world.  


Nutrition in Sports - Nutrition Presentation with Haley Roberstson

            Haley Robertson, MS, RDN, LDN

In this session Haley will talk about how to properly fuel your body before and after a game.  She will talk about how to create healthy habits while breaking bad habits of not properly fueling yourself.  This info will help you to prepare yourself and elevate your training to fuel your body to build you into the player you want to be.